"Be Healthy Be Happy" youth exchange in Czech Republic

Νοέμβριος 21, 2018

From the 1st until the 8th of November, K.A.NE. has sent 7 Greek participants to be a part of the “Be Healthy Be Happy” youth exchange. The exchange took place in Moravec, Chech Republic and is was hosted by Tady v Rožnově.

The main aim of the project was to support healthy lifestyle and habits in the age of youngsters thought non-formal education activities. The participants got an overview of what foods are not suitable for our body, how to build a balanced food daily menu. They also learned why the physical exercises are important for our body. By practical exercises they discovered which sport activity can be suitable for them.

Find out the participants’ point of view:

«Participating in this particular Erasmus+ program was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and it will remain as an unforgettable memory in my mind. I had the opportunity to get to know people from other countries and learn useful information about healthy lifestyle. Its activity had a lot to offer and it was entertaining at the same time. I would gladly participate in a program like that again.»

Chalkidi Elena

«As a leader of the Greek team, I ‘ m grateful that I took part to this program. All the kids were fantastic. They wanted to learn, they cooperated, they interacted and they wanted to find out new experiences. The organizational team was very friendly, they made us feel comfortable and familiar. They planed amazing activities every single day. I Think it was a great opportunity for the kids and myself included.»

Eleni Flouri

«I can say that the organization it was too good we didn’t have any problems during our trip.Secondly it was a great pleasure for me to meet children of different origin,as a result I had the opportunity to learn more about their culture,civilization and customs.So far I have contact with some children from Romania on a daily basis. I hope we will meet them again in the future.About the activities in the project ,I think that they were such a useful example to improve our physical condition and our eating habits.It goes without saying that the food wes so tasty and healthy. I believe that this experience was unique and I will never forget it.»

Manola Sevasti

«The program was fantastic. The trip was exhausted to get there, but we forgot everything when we arrived. We met new people, we exchanged ideas, we found out the culture of the participants countries. We improved our English skills, cooperation, team spirit. It was amazing, I wish I could stay more. I hope to be on this kind program again. Thank you all!!!»

Melina Terzi

«It was a special experience. I met awesome people and I kept in touch with most of them. We learned a lot, we had fun and we loved all the activities. I’d like to thank the leaders and the organizational team for the warm climate and especially KANE that gave us this opportunity. I’m looking forward for the next meeting.»

Nick Theordoridis

«I’m very happy for participating in this kind of project. It was a unique experience. I learned a lot, I had fun and I met nice people and I realize that we have common interests. We familiarize with people of my age from foreign countries. I definitely want to have the next meeting with my friends from the program.»

Petros Kalogiannis

«I can truly say that I loved the idea of participating in this program. We met new personalities and we exchanged ideas of our cultures. I was glad to see our students having such an amazing time by participating in the activities and learning useful information. The program was really well organized as we had different tasks to occupy us in a daily basis. I would absolutely like to participate in a similar program again.»

Tzina Lyristi