"D'ing - Designing for Learning" training course in Italy

28 Μαρτίου, 2019

From the 17th until the 23th of March, K.A.NE. was a part of the “D’ing – Designing for Learning” training course. Two participants, that are secondary school teachers have joined the project in Lecce, Italy, in order to get inspired on how to use non-formal education tool in the formal education in order to improve the quality of their teaching methods. The training course was organized by Insight_epd.

The training course was focusing on 2 specific competences that were addressed in two Competence Models (the Competence Model for Trainers and the Competence Model for Youth-Workers) in the frame of the European Training Strategy (ETS). The two competences are:

– understanding and facilitating learning;

– designing educational programs;

The trainers aimed to go deeper on the elements that they consider as a strong base when thinking and preparing a “learning experience”, in either a training course, an EVS project, a youth exchange, a short workshop or even a lesson.

Our Greek participants, Alexandros and Anastasios, have returned with new and creative ideas that they will implement in their work.

You can read bellow their impressions about the training course.

“We have participated to the Training Course “D’ing-Designing for Learning” that took place in Lecce, Italy from the 17th until the 23rd of March!

The mood of all the participants was excellent and we are grateful to all the trainers and facilitators.
We started in a wonderful way with all the “ice breaking” activities, but this did not only last the 1st day. Every other day, from the 2nd to the last, we had the “buongiorno” activity in which each participant could take his time and his space inside the group. For this “Buongiorno” we thought and chose a song, a painting, a movie, a book, a sculpture, etc. that somehow we can say “This movie/book/painting it’s me!”.

The peak moment was the “Cook-Telling Story-Lab” activity. We had brought one ingredient, one-only-ingredient, for example a cookie, an orange, some salt, a spice, rice or pasta, honey and so on. One-only ingredient but this ingredient had to have a meaning to us like ideally represents us, or it was a metaphor for design and/or facilitation!! After we made groups, we cooked altogether, borrowing from each other. The weekly course experience was very good. It was indeed a bio-seminar in which we experienced some new ideas about non-formal education.
It was a training based on non-formal learning with quite a strong self-directed learning approach.

Thanks a lot! We hope to participate again!!!”