The Hole in the Sock

December 18, 2020

Project Name: The Hole in the Sock

Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA205-078627

Duration: 01/08/2020 – 31/07/2022

Programme: Erasmus+ KA205


The Hole In The Sock Refocus project was created in the minds of young people who generated the idea and name in 2011. Their motivation was a meeting with migrants from Somalia and Syria, who met in London during the implementation of The Hole In The Sock of Emigration project in exile in 2016.

The stories they learned about the drama of escaping from war, the problem of assimilation in a new society in England and how despite these difficulties these young people are doing very well in adulthood. That is why this time the youth undertook to implement the subject of the refugee problem, finding support in organizations supporting youth initiatives and providing assistance to the needy.

The goal set by the initiative group is to create a film as an educational tool, thanks to which they will be able to provide the whole world with the knowledge they have gained but also a picture of the problem seen through their eyes. A picture without distortion and stereotypes as they see it, feel it and understand it. This project is to be not only a tool for the development of the implementing group, but also to help children and youth struggling with the problem of refugee thanks to the opportunity given to them to convey their thoughts and emotions to the world by co-creating our project and a tool for global education on this difficult problem.

The consortium consists from the following organizations and countries: Human Lex Instytut and Refocus from Poland and Social Youth Development from Greece.