January 16, 2018

The results of the OVPELO PROJECT are now available at:

The main result of the Ovpelo projest is ready! We welcome you to check out our platform:,

download and try the portfolio on employability skills for EVS volunteers, and not only, read the results of our research and many more.

What is the Portfolio??? The Portfolio of employability skills it is a tool developed within the OVPELO project that aims to support EVS volunteers in identifying and evaluating their competences.

The new tool that aims to recognize learning and support the employability of EVS volunteers if launched.

The partnership of 7 European organizations working in the field of youth and EVS has been working for the past 1,5 year on the development of approaches on how to respond to the urging need of better recognize the competences of young people and especially EVS volunteers, and support their employability. As the result the portfolio of employability skills has been created.

Portfolio is a tool created based on the new competences framework developed by the partnership. From the research and literature review it was analyzed what are the current skills needed to improve employability of young people. Then these competences where further analyzed and decomposed to create sets of learning objectives, realistic to achieve, that guide young people how they should keep developing in order to meet the expectations of the employers.

The tool has been creating to respond on the need of recognition of learning within the EVS (European Voluntary Service), and this is the main target group. With the testing phase we have observed that much bigger target group can use it, and we recommend it to all young people, who want to develop their competences, and to the youth workers to enable them to better support young people with whom they work.

The portfolio together with the model of the recommendation letter for the EVS volunteers, and many other materials you can find on the official platform of the project: . There is as well the option to submit your own tools for recognition of learning in EVS, you can access the research, discuss topic that interests you on forum and read articles on our blog.

Join with us the forces and let´s improve the quality of recognition in EVS and youth work together, and let´s support our young people in their career development. If you have any questions, suggestions or consultations please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find the contacts on the platform.