"We Are All Humans" training course in Czech Republic

Αύγουστος 15, 2018

From the 15th till the 24th of July, 3 youth workers from Greece were a part of the “We Are All Humans” training course that took place in Moravec, Czech Republic.

There were 7 more countries involved: Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Sweden, Bulgaria and Poland.


The training course was organized by Brno for you ( https://brnoforyou.cz/ ). It aimed to overcome prejudices and stereotypes through dialogue on a local level where the partner organizations are based. During the training course, participants have gained the necessary knowledge and skills that can help them work with the methodology of the Human Library concept.


The Human Library in the context of the training course was conceived as a personal meeting with a representative of a minority. Why? Because people often attribute negative characteristics to other people that they don’t know because they have had an unpleasant experience with a member of an ethnic group and then, they generalize.


The objectives of the training course were:

– to train youth workers in the methodology of the Human Library concept;

– to provide an opportunity for local people to attend Human Library events;

– to provide an opportunity for local people to identify their attitudes, prejudices and stereotypes towards minorities.