Who is K.A.NE.

  • We have partners all around Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Europe and Middle East. Our network in extended and includes organizations working on different fields in local and international level.Our partnerships are always based on common projects, the exchange of good practices, the exchange of experiences and on friendship. We consider very important the personal contact and cooperation spirit between partners for achieving the common goal.

    The staff of our organization includes 2 full-time people, with long term experience in youth work, a part-time teacher, teaching Greek to our foreign volunteers and a highly experienced external collaborator, as well as a team of volunteers, all offering their knowledge and skills for the improvement of the services that K.A.NE. provides to young people and not only.

    We are always open to new members who share the same motivation and they would like to dedicate some of their time to share their ideas and needs by taking part in our projects.

    • Filaretos Vourkos

      Filaretos Vourkos


      My name is Filaretos Vourkos and the last 10 years I have been working in the youth field. Although I studied Power Technology Engineering, a series of random coincidents were combined with my dream to contribute to a meaningful cause, and brought me to the youth work! Yes, life sometimes is hiding the most pleasant surprises for you! So here I am, making my dream real and creating a youth organization, KANE, the Youth Centre of Kalamata and the Kalamata Street Festival.

      However, this is not my main job. Additionally, I am working as a freelance trainer in non formal education seminars and consultant. Sometimes you can find me in the office, stuck in front of a computer, dealing with emails or bureaucratic issues, and other times running around organising an event.


    • Fotini Arapi
      Project manager

      Fotini Arapi

      Project manager

      Hi everybody! My name is Fotini Arapi and I am working for K.A.NE. since 2011. My studies in the department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental studies as well as my MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development helped me become open to challenges and be able to adapt in different environments. My journey in the magical world of Youth Work started in November 2006, when I decided to pack my bags, leave back my old ”city” life and go to the far far away village of Agios Germanos in Prespes, an enchanting region in the North of Greece on the borders with Albania and FYROM. My decision was not easy; I was always a “city-girl”. However, my love for the Balkans combined with my strong headiness and my willingness to try new things won. There, I learned what it means to be a youth worker and how fulfilling it can be. In the years I was there, I got to watch my “young people” grow, become more independent, more open-minded and, more importantly, open to new adventures. In July 2011, I decided to come back to Kalamata and start working for K.A.NE. My decision was easy, as I knew the city well (I finished high school here) and I was already familiar with K.A.NE., the work that was done by it and, of course, the Youth Centre. I am happy to be able to support its work and be part of K.A.NE.’s team. Although there is a lot of bureaucracy and administrative things to be done, there are also a lot fun things to do, such as organizing the Street Festival, trainings and youth exchanges! Besides, who said I am afraid of hard work?
      See you around


    • Jelena Scepanovic
      EVS coordinator/Financial manager

      Jelena Scepanovic

      EVS coordinator/Financial manager

      Hi, I’m Jelena Scepanovic, an EVS coordinator in KANE and the volunteer of the Youth center. I came from Montenegro 2012 as an EVS volunteer. I really liked the idea of the Youth center and the work that KANE does, so I decided to stay and be part of it.


    • Nantiana Koutiva
      Greek teacher for EVS volunteers

      Nantiana Koutiva

      Greek teacher for EVS volunteers

      My name is Nantiana! I’m 23 years old. I live in Kalamata! I was living for 5 years in Patras! I was studying there greek philology and now i’m teaching greek to the youth center and to the EVS volunteers in Kalamata.