AgrotESC - A unique experience!

March 09, 2023

The agrotEsC project was successfully completed on Thursday, December 29, 2022. a short-term (28 days) group voluntary activity project that aimed, using non-formal learning activities, to highlight the social, ecological and cultural elements, combining tradition and history with modern lifestyles, in order to offer participants a structured plan to develop self-confidence, sense of solidarity and environmental awareness.

For four weeks, the 15 young volunteers from different countries lived and worked together, discovering healthy, sustainable and alternative lifestyles in the context of olive oil production.

The young people had the opportunity to experience up close traditional practices related to the harvesting of olives and the preparation of olive oil, to converse with local people and to learn about alternative and sustainable practices, while developing valuable skills that contribute to personal, social and their professional development.


At the same time, they got to know other traditional Greek practices, such as the preparation of soap from olive oil and, of course, the very Christmassy melomakarona (honey cookies)!

Shortly before leaving Greece, the new volunteers, together with other volunteers from other countries, their coordinators, and their mentors had a “family” Christmas meal all together.

Finally, the volunteers themselves collected snapshots and thoughts from their experience and prepared:

A video with snapshots, which you can find here:
A booklet with thoughts, interviews and information you will find here:
A collage of photos from their experience, which you will find here:


The volunteers were hosted in Messinia as part of the European Solidarity Corps program that is financed with the support of the European Union. This publication binds only its author and the E.E. is not responsible for any use of the information contained therein.



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