ATENEA video

September 26, 2022


Autobiographical Theatre fiction as innovative tool to address the human Vulnerability

We present the Atenea project’s result in a 65-minute video.
The Project is connected with the idea of Autobiographical Theatre and aims to recover and integrate, awareness of the conditions of vulnerable and excluded people, with the view of increasing their personal and as well as social skills improving their chances of finding a way of integration into the society and, above all, improving their quality of life. The concept of “Autobiographical Theatre” consists of an original piece based on the contents of the author’s personal life (participating user) and the representation in front of an audience.
The result is incredible!

Project no.: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-082354


  • EMYF (Germany)
  • Les Cultures (Italy)
  • Κ.Α.ΝΕ., Social Youth Development (Greece)
  • DRPDNM (Slovenia)
  • ENTRI (Lithuania)


Duration: 21/09/2020 – 20/09/2022

Website: TBA

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