July 01, 2024


EURODEMOS project was born and developed within the framework of the European Democracy Action Plan, the EU Citizenship Report 2020, the EIGE’s publications about gender equality and gender mainstreaming. “The EU is not only bout parties and politics, rules or regulations, markets or currencies. It is about people and their aspirations ( EC President Von der Leyen). Starting from this statement the project takes its roots by putting the citizens at the real core of its activities. The direct involvement of youth in European democratic life, their empowerment, their participation in policymaking processes are the three cores around which this project revolves.

Europeans have been targeted with online disinformation, jeopardizing the basic requirement for their democratic participation in public life and their informed choices (EU Citizenship Report 2020). The project addresses the 2024 European Parliament elections, innovative democratic approaches and tools, countering disinformation and other forms of interference in the democratic debate, empowering youth to make informed decisions.
These priorities are specifically addressed during the 7 transnational events foreseen. Attending the events will give young people the opportunity to meet peers from very different backgrounds and countries, and exchange views and opinions on core issues related to the concept of European Citizenship, understanding the importance of:
– Participation to be active actors of the public policy scenario
– Making informed decisions, and
– Having the possibility to express their proposals.

For this reason, in the project design and implementation great value has been given
to the CoFoE results released on 9th May 2022. The ideas that will be collected
during the transnational youth meetings will be integrated both in the informative
panels and in debates. Focus will also be placed to the promotion of the 2024
European elections and the platform aiming at providing opportunities for
youngsters to discuss topics directly related to the 2024 European elections.

– To inform and raise awareness about the foundations and challenges posed by the
pandemic, digitalization, and disinformation to European democracy;

– To directly involve European youth in the decision-making process and in relevant
policy areas debates;
– To enhance the dialogue among European youth from different Countries about
topics related to European democracy


  • PROGEU-Progress in European Union (Italy)
  •  Asociatia "Centrul pentru Dezvoltarea Instrumentelor Structurale" (Romania)
  •  KANE – Social Youth Development, Greece (Greece)
  •  Mittetulundusühing Agora Election Observation (Estonia)
  • Asociacija "Aktyvus jaunimas" (Lithuania)
  •  Champions Factory (Bulgaria)
  •  World Society Builders gUG (Germany)

Project number: 000095288

Project Dates: 2023-2026


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