Triathlon in Kalamata

June 27, 2022

In the last week of June, the city of Kalamata was in turmoil as we witnessed and participated in a world-famous event in our city. As part of an event called Kalamata Action, we were able to take part in the WSL openwater swim and the WTL triathlon, organized by the whynot league.

On the first day of the event (June 25) we were able to help the organizers with the open water swimming competition and the city run for both children and adults. We encouraged the riders who put in everything to get the best results during the races. In the end, we watched with our chin dropped (in addition to the general assistance) as the winner of the 5km run finished the race in just 16 minutes.



And on Sunday, we were able to make everyone’s secret dream come true because our volunteers played security guards on the cycling stage of the triathlon. Of course, in addition to stopping the traffic with a stern face, we also had time to encourage the riders, who had enough of a soul presence to nod or say hello over the long  distance!!

All of our volunteers attended the weekend event because sports and a healthy lifestyle are important to all of us. This program encourages everyone to get up from the couch, start moving; because that is the only way we can live a long and healthy life.