November 10, 2021

MUSICLING: Social entrepreneurship with recycled instruments



The aim of this project is to get youth to develop key skills for their future through creativity and arts, specifically music and crafts, since they will be able to create recycled instruments from waste, and they will also learn how to play these instruments with basic notions of music theory so that they can get involved in projects related to music, arts and culture.

In addition, they will be trained with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to empower them to start their own entrepreneurship projects related to music and recycled instruments, as well as acquire skills on dissemination of results, management of social networks, promotion of their projects and products, and visibility of their creations through the creation of attractive videos that get the maximum number of young people to reach out in a way that can create a multiplier effect.

Therefore, we want to promote business education and social entrepreneurship activities using a raw material considered garbage today, so there is no need for a large investment of money to carry out the projects. In fact, in addition to promoting the reuse of waste and setting up their own businesses with it, they will also be helping the environment and collaborating to mitigate the effects of current consumption habits that lead us to use and dispose without thinking about the terrible consequences for the Planet.

Last but not least, with this project, young people from various countries will create a community of recycled instrument artisans with whom they will make a series of connections during the project, which will unite them in a very special way, as they will not only share the artisan part of making recycled instruments, but also for the music part.

Project no.: 2020-1-ES02-KA227-YOU-016727


  • Xeracion Valencia (Spain)
  • Association for Volunteerism (North Macedonia)
  • EURO-NET (Italy)
  • Κ.Α.ΝΕ., Social Youth Development (Greece)

Duration: 01/09/2021 – 31/12/2022

Website: TBA

Social Media Channels: TBA