November 10, 2021

ORION: Online Orientation for Youth


The current pandemic situation places everyone in a challenging position. Institutions, organizations, associations working with education and youth are facing huge difficulties since the cultural and the educational sector are among the most affected by the shrinking economy due to covid-19. The challenge is to find new ways to carry on daily activities by leveraging the technology in our possession and to acquire a new set of skills.

Naka is an organization born in 2019 that works through formal and non-formal education and aims at fighting educational poverty by collecting innovative good practices and methodologies all around the European union in order to replicate them locally in one of the most neglected areas of Palermo.

The aim of this project is to answer all these needs by creating strategic partnerships. The exchange of good practices is one of its foremost important goals since the share of methodologies and experiences within comparable fields, guarantees the successful outcome of a project. Our main goal is this exchange of practices between partner organisations regarding vocational education for people from early age to adulthood.

Carrying out this project internationally it’s important to actually comprehend the work in this sector from a practical point of view. Learning by experiencing is vital for a new organization as Naka. Furthermore, the presence of two formal education Institutions will guarantee the opportunity to test the newly learned methodologies.

The target group can be identified with the youth workers, support staff, teachers, volunteers’ educators and educational leaders of organizations working in the educational field. The final target group will be youngsters that will receive the service this exchange is aimed at creating – A help desk for young adults with all the info and expertise gained with the exchange of good practices.


The results that the strategic international partnership expect from this project are:

– exhaustive research on the methods and models of orientation, created and used all around the Europe, possibly the newest developed to offer a satisfied on-line educational path;

– exchange of good practices used by schools and the organisations of the strategic partnership;

– Increase of the competences and skills for the staff, youth workers, volunteers and teachers about how to organize and conduct on-line trainings, formations and orientations;

– local implementation and adaptation of identified strategies;

– creation of a free booklet with all the methodology and strategies identified that may be consulted by associations and schools who want to follow the same educational path as our strategic partnership.


Project no.: 2020-1-IT01-KA226-VET-009217


  • NaKa (Italy)
  • Hexagonale (France)
  • Wisefour (Cyprus)
  • Κ.Α.ΝΕ., Social Youth Development (Greece)
  • Liceul Tehnologic “Valeriu Braniste” (Romania)
  • CIP FP Lumbier (Spain)


Duration: 01/06/2021 – 31/05/2023

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