Stories by Participants in the Training Course: D'ING Designing for Learning (Barbara Plati)

December 14, 2021

Stories by Participants in the Training Course: D’ING Designing for Learning

Weimar, Germany (10-16 October 2021)


On October 10, we started with the rest of the team from Athens, full of expectation. After a long journey, we arrived in Weimar where we were welcomed with great pleasure! The facilities were welcoming, clean and fully equipped and the staff was always polite and helpful.

The next morning we started the program. Together with the trainers and the other participants in a great mood, we started discussing learning and how one can approach it in simple ways. The days passed quickly, with many different activities, with agreements and differences, discussions and research, games and a tour of the city. What is certain is that we all, through this program, learned that we do not learn. I look forward to the continuation!


-Barbara Plati