Stories by Participants: We Are All Humans “Solidarity on Air” (Sotiria Kapentzoni)

April 07, 2022

Stories by Participants: We Are All Humans “Solidarity on Air”

Training Course (21/02/2022-28/02/2022) Moravec, Czech Republic

 by Sotiria Kapentzoni

To put in words my experience from the Erasmus+ project, is truly a challenge. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that this thing is now a story and the most surreal part is that it only lasted 7 days. I could never believe I could get so used to a way of living and create such bonds with total strangers in such a short period of time. Since I had never participated in a project before, there were many surprises for me.

The first thing that struck me was the way I was treated both from the sending and the hosting organization, since we were in touch with them to make all the arrangements. Throughout the process, everyone was so kind and comforting, it almost felt like I had made a donation or something.

Another surprise for me was the impact that informal learning had on me, since we could do hours and hours of activities that helped us evolve but it felt like we were doing it all just for our own amusement. I would absorb a ton of information about all sorts of things, like simple everyday facts or major social issues across countries and I wouldn’t even realize how much I had learned with almost no effort.

The place we were leaving was a small pension in a Czech village close to Brno. Though we made our visits to nearby villages and the gorgeous Brno of course, I did not enjoy anything as much as the time we spent in the play room, the yard or the (innumerous!) lakes where we would walk to.

Overall, the project had a very humanitarian approach so, through the activities and the confessions we made, it was inevitable to open up with one another and feel closer to them day by day.





On my way leaving, I realized I would probably never find the chance to go back to this enchanting village, with the graphic houses and the breathtaking landscapes but, in the end of the day, the thing I regret the most is how I will never get to be in the same room with all these amazing people. I don’t know if it was something in the food or just pure luck but it seemed to me that everyone was the best version of themselves and they brought up the best of me as well. Yes, with some people you will feel more connected than others but there wouldn’t be a soul in the room, not even for one second, that you wouldn’t feel comfortable and united with.

When we left, we had the chance to leave to each other letters and we also stayed in contact through a What’sApp group. The words that we shared were so heart-warming and impactful, some I think I might never forget. Though I am keen to participating to as many of these projects as possible now, I am not very confident I will ever experience something like that again. The future will tell but, in any case, I have never felt more grateful for something more than this experience!



 – Sotiria Kapentzoni