TELL YOUTH: Train Environmental Lifelong Learning for Youth

July 04, 2024


The TELL Youth project aims to establish a model of successful cooperation among various organizations in the fields of environmental protection and youth work by developing a strong consortium of partners and a community dedicated to nature protection at the European level within two years.

The project covers three thematic actions:

Scientific Preservation of Natural Heritage Supported by Youth, Youth’s Artistic Expression of Natural Heritage, and Green Skills and Meaningful Inclusion of Youth.

The objectives of TELL Youth are to:

o Establish a consortium dedicated to nature protection at the European level.
o Digitize 100 plant species over two years.
o Involve, train, and immerse 100 young people from three partner countries in environmental protection through an interdisciplinary approach.
o Conduct scientific and cultural research of local natural elements.
o Create two innovative outputs: “The Environmental Stewards Book” (IO2) and “The Virtual Herbarium” (IO1).

The TELL Youth project anticipates to enhanced competences among youth and youth workers in environmental protection and research, along with the development of good practices in environmental protection and social inclusion across the partner regions. The project also aims to form local youth communities dedicated to nature preservation, fostering a generation of environmentally conscious and skilled young leaders. These outcomes will not only benefit the participants directly involved but also serve as a model for similar initiatives across Europe, contributing to broader environmental sustainability
and youth empowerment efforts.


o Centrul Cultural Judeţean Constanţa „Teodor T. Burada” (Romania)

o Kentro Perivalontikis Ekpaidefsis Kalamatas (Greece)
o Maison de l'Europe de Nîmes (France)
o Syndicat mixte des gorges du Gardon (France)

Project Number: 1438143
Project Dates: 01/09/2023 – 31/08/2025
Website: TBA
Social Media:

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