The Erasmus+ in Kalamata: Internships for young people from France at the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center ‘’DIAPLASI’’, the Creative Educational Center ‘’Lillipopolis’’, the Kalamata Creative Documentary Center and the Kalamata Public Central Library.

January 23, 2020

The Youth and Educational Organization Social Youth Development (K.A.NE), in collaboration with the French educational organization Maison Europe, hosts 4 high school students in the city of Kalamata. Part of their studies is an internship and K.A.NE. offered them our city, an invitation they accepted.

The young people began their internships for a month at the Physical Rehabilitation Center ‘’DIAPLASI’’, the Creative educational centre Lillipopolis, the Kalamata Creative Documentary Center and the Kalamata Public Central Library.

The aim of the program is for students to implement practices and activities through which they will acquire and disseminate knowledge, in collaboration with the qualified staff of each working place and according to the needs that arise. The internship is funded by the ERASMUS + VET program, which covers all costs for trainees, travel and internships.

The young people have already toured all the highlights of Kalamata as part of the program is to introduce young people to Greek culture and language.

We would like to thank Mr Moulavasilis Haris from the Physical Rehabilitation Center, Mrs Adamopoulou Maria & Mr Kourentzis Dimitris from the Creative educational Center of Lillipopolis, Mrs Petropoulou Tzina from the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata as well as the staff of all institutions for their contribution to the program, the excellent welcoming of students and the professionalism in the work they offer.


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