Training Course Experience: 3O Orientation, Optimization and Organization or Social media networks as tools in youth work(By Panagiotis Karavlidis)

September 06, 2021

Training Course Experience:

3O: Orientation, Optimization and Organization or Social media networks as tools in youth work

Poland, 1-10 August 2021

(By Panagiotis Karavlidis)


On August 1, 2021 I started from the airport of Athens for a trip to Poland that would fill me with important experiences and knowledge. The 3O program, which had as its main goal the information of adults aged 18+ on social media and communication, did not only fulfill this goal but gave the participants much more.

The program coordinator Paul with pioneering methods of interaction managed to leave indelible in our memory important definitions such as the categories of false news (fallacy). These methods mainly included group work such as text analysis but also more modern ones such as theatrical games and image description. All these activities also strengthened our critical thinking but also the courage for free expression of thoughts.



In addition, it was a good occasion to recall and improve our knowledge of English as our entire program and communication was conducted in this language. Participants from Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Italy were all in the mood for communication and acquaintance despite the difficulty sometimes caused by the poor English language skills of some. Communication with these people emphasized the elements that unite us and therefore was the beginning of many good new friendships, while our cultural evenings presented many differences in the culture of our countries that make them unique.




                                     Inter-cultural night of Latvia and Lithuania                                                           Inter-cultural night of Italy and Bulgaria



Finally, it would be an omission on my part not to mention the hospitality provided by the staff of the U Kroczka hotel as with their warm smile, their prompt service and the satisfying food they served, they made our stay in the country even more enjoyable.




For all the above, I believe that participating in this program provided me with many necessary supplies to improve my critical thinking as well as my socialization and that is why I consider it a very important part of my life. After participating in several such programs I am now able to recommend them unreservedly to anyone who wants to gain unique experiences and valuable knowledge as the care and organization of these programs by their coordinators exceeded our expectations.


By: Panagiotis Karavlidis