Bottles2boats (B2B) in the Re:Think Gaia Festival

August 05, 2021

Bottles2boats (B2B) and Circular Economy Innovators (CEI)

in the Re:Think Gaia Festival


K.A.NE. with its environmental initiatives, Bottles2boats (B2B) and Circular Economy Innovators (CEI), participated in the Re:Think Gaia Festival held on 10-11 July 2021 at the Foifa Permaculture Farm in Kalamata, Greece.


Bottles2boats promotes the “Educational Circle of Recycling,” a 5-fold aim with a corresponding 5-step boat-building process.

  1. collect (plastic bottles)
  2. shred (into flakes or cords)
  3. weave (plastic cords into nets)
  4. build (the upcycled boat)
  5. sail the boat at sea



Bottles2boats seeks to achieve:

1) environmental awareness, through the educational programme in schools and collection/recycling of plastic bottles

2) physical activity, through the shredding of plastic into flakes or cords

3) innovative recycling, through methods such as weaving plastic nets on customised looms

4) upcycled equipment, through the construction of the boat from recycled plastic bottles

5) reward participation, through sailing lessons using the upcycled sailboat made from plastic bottles.





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