ESC Volunteers with D.A.S.H. Dog Rescue

April 01, 2021

ESC  Volunteers with D.A.S.H. Dog Rescue


K.A.NE. (Social Youth Development, together with the European Solidarity Corps, sends ESC volunteers to participate in the Dog Rescue programme at D.A.S.H. Dream of a Safe Haven in Messini.





D.A.S.H. stands for ‘Dream of a Safe Haven’ – a dog shelter with its sole mission to provide a safe haven for the many homeless, starving and abused dogs in the region of Messinia.


Our ESC volunteer, Vira, shares with us this video about D.A.S.H. and our ESC volunteers, Clara and Kassandra, at work with the D.A.S.H. team.

Check out the interviews, the insights and overall experience at D.A.S.H. from our video on K.A.NE. Youtube: