Youth Exchange Experience: Do Not Bully Me! (By Nikos Xydianos)

October 06, 2021

Youth Exchange Experience: Do Not Bully Me!

Struga, North Macedonia, 13-20 September 2021

(By Nikos Xydianos)


From 13 to 20 of September I participated as a leader of the Greek team, in the Youth Exchange Program (Erasmus + KA1) ‘’Do Not Bully Me’’ that took place in Struga North Macedonia, along with missions from Bulgaria, Serbia, Belgium and Italy.


Τhere I had the opportunity to interact with other young people and exchange opinions on the topic of bullying . The first day was dedicated to getting to know each other better and to building a team. Various team building activities were carried out and from the second day onwards we focused more on the main theme of the program. 



During the program we discussed, and made presentations and short projects on the topics;

-how to raise awareness about bullying, the reasons why it happens and non-violent methods for mitigation and management

-promote tolerance, inclusion and intercultural exchange

-promote intercultural dialogue and open communication

-develop key competences and soft skills

-provide a creative way to express ourselves and reach out to others

-how to monitor our learning process and identify what works for us

-how to introspect and learn about ourselves; identify our needs and realize our potential

-how to give feedback to ourselves



Furthermore, with this program I had the opportunity to practice and improve my English skills, to meet and understand new cultures and make new friends.

My experience was unique.

In conclusion, the program was an excellent experience and my leadership and communication skills improved immensely.


By: Nikos Xydianos