E-portfolios: ERASMUS+ Training for professionals in Adult Education

January 25, 2018
  • We invite you to a one week training course in Kalamata, Greece, titled:



    The training course will take place in Kalamata, Peloponnese region in the south of Greece, in five separate rounds:

    1st Round: 31 March – 7 April 2019

    2nd Round: 4 May – 11 May 2019

    3rd Round: 2 June – 9 June 2019

    4th Round: 21 September – 28 September 2019

    5th Round: 19 October – 26 October 2019

    In the application please choose the week of your preference. This course is addressed to teachers, trainers, educators and all educational staff.

    Description: This workshop aims at the learners’ obtaining theoretical as well as practical knowledge of creating any kind of e‐portfolios (to assess students/trainees, a showcase, a working e‐portfolio, etc.), which they will later be able to adjust to their own teaching/learning environment. In this sense, a strategic development of ICT and media‐based education within Lifelong Learning field can be more effectively sought.

    Main objectives:

    – To Introduce the use of ICT for improving the key competences, emphasizing the digital competence.
    – To train learners in not only creating but also using the e-portfolio of their choice in their daily professional routines.
    – To experiment, exchange good practices and gain valuable knowledge from peers as well as discover ways of implementing e-portfolios.
    – To use ICT as a tool to achieve motivation for overcoming socioeconomic disadvantages while at the same time getting involved in educational systems.
    – To help participants more effectively use technology, i.e. computers and the multimedia not only with typical learning groups but also multi-cultural, groups at social exclusion risk such as school drop-outs, ex-drug users, marginalized youths and the like.
    – To inform participants on the role and function of the new technologies.
    – “Open” the scope of the participants by adding extra aspects to the specific group sessions, in the sense of more learning structures such as non- formal and informal dimension as well as that of digitization of their teaching material.

    Condition for participation: to have an Erasmus+ KA1 grant or self-fund.


    From the grant received organizers will cover:

    100% costs of food, accommodation and the course fee;

    Training course’s cost 420,00€ for 6 working days (including coffee breaks, conference fees and printed material);

    Accommodation and food costs: Hotel room 700 ,00€ per person for 7 days with breakfast and meals per day

    Take the chance to advance your skills as an educator, teacher and trainer. Send us an email at mobility@ngokane.org for any questions and apply by filling in the following form
    For large groups we make special offers.
    At the end of the training course, you will receive a certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input. Please note that the working language is English.