Equality Ambassadors

June 03, 2020

Equality Ambassadors is an innovative transnational partnership project bringing together five partner organisations from Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Spain who work with young people including those most marginalised. The project promotes an exchange and transfer of good practice and the sharing of ideas at a European level between five partner organisations involved in youth work, bringing them together to collaboratively design a new European Equality Ambassador Peer Leadership Training Programme, book and digital app. The project brings together 10 youth workers and 25 youth from 5 countries across Europe and involves them in the development of a new joint curriculum for an Equality Ambassador Peer Leadership Training Programme and an Equality Ambassadors Resource Book and mobile Digital app featuring twenty-five stories of role models related to democracy, equality and human rights in the EU. Six transnational partner exchanges are held in Ireland, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, Greece and Ireland, attended by ten youth workers. As part of curriculum development, each partner holds two focus group sessions and one curriculum development workshop attended by two youth workers and five young people per partner country, totalling 10 youth workers and twenty-five youth. The ten youth workers and twenty-five youth then collectively attend two Skype sessions. A total of ten Youth Workers are trained in how to conduct the Equality Ambassador Curriculum with young people. The training is then rolled out with 200 young people across Europe training them as Equality Ambassadors so they are able to go on to raise awareness of the importance of democracy, equality and human rights and the role of the EU to promote values of equality, tolerance and inclusion. A Communications and Dissemination strategy is conducted and the Equality Ambassadors Curriculum, Resource Book, Digital App and Final Report and Evaluation are distributed. The project culminates in an International Youth Symposium held at the final partner exchange.

The Partnership

Τhe participating countries and partner organizations are: Smashing Times, Dublin, Ireland (lead) IFESCOOP, Valencia, Spain DAH Theatre Research Centre, Belgrade, Serbia Youth Peace Group, Danube, Vukovar, Croatia KANE Social Youth Development, Kalamata, Greece


Full Title: Equality Ambassadors

Start: 1/3/2020

Finish: 1/7/2022

Programme: KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Sub-programme: KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth