April 19, 2018

K.A.NE. will take part in the European Youth Exchange “Europe: Sharing is Caring”, that will take place in Oeiras, Portugal from 16th to 30th of June 2018.

This exchange is part of the Erasmus + program, funded by the European Commission and will involve 46 participants from different countries: Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Estonia, Greece & France.

Between 14th April and 17th April we sent to Portugal a leader from our organization who had the opportunity to prepare the activity, together with the leaders from other nationalities.

This was a chance to know better the program, the activities and get more knowledge about it in order to have an excellent activity in June, during the youth exchange in Oeiras.

The Youth Exchange “Europe: Sharing is Caring” will happen in the Summer of 2018, in Oeiras, Portugal. It has emerged as part of the Europe 2020 strategy towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and has been designed to respond to the demands of the European Union, particularly in terms of employment, education and social inclusion and poverty reduction. We want to live in a better Europe of all, for all.

During this period, young people will participate in various non-formal learning activities linked to European diversity, where we hope to highlight the cultural similarities and differences of each country and highlight the richness that each brings to the construction of European identity.

We hope in this way to help break the existing stereotypes in relation to each of the countries and contribute to the development of a more inclusive Europe. We are all responsible for active citizenship and it is important to help young people reflect on this

Some of the activities are volunteering actions, group works, intercultural evenings, cultural visits, sports, among others.

We will send 4 participants and 1 youth leader. They will prepare workshops about topics related to active citizenship and make presentations about Sports & Social Inclusion, organize beach activities and the atelier “Recycling and reuse”, sharing our culture, traditions, customs and typical dishes.

In the end of the youth exchange we hope that the young people become more aware of their role in the society and about the importance of Intercultural Dialogue to reach one more inclusive Europe from all to all. We also expect that this can be the beginning of several individual and group projects in our community.

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