OLIVE(V)S vol.2: A truly Special EVS project

January 27, 2018

One of the most rewarding educational project that we have ever implemented took place in the village of Kompoi of the Municipality of Pylos-Nestoros, between the 15th of November and the 15th of December 2016.

“OLIVE(V)S vol. 2” was a project different from the others. 12 young people from Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden and France participated in this project that was implemented under KA1/EVS of the European Learning Programme ERASMUS+.

The main aim of the project was to provide non-formal learning tools to the participants, in order for them to develop new knowledge, skills and competences. Apart from the knowldge that they gained through the project, our main aim was their empowerment and motivation of their introduction to the active social and civic life of their local communities. Additionally, through this project we wanted to support the country-side of the Messinian region, and the interaction of the local community, the inhabitants of this small village, with young people from different countries.

Of course, the educational tool that we used was non other than the olive tree! We are aware that the olive tree is a tree that gives breath to our region for centuries now. What we did not know was that the olive tree can be used in the education and learning of young people with fewer opportunities. K.A.NE. Social Youth Development, in the framework of its goal for the creation of socio-educational activities for young people through youth work, created a learning project lasting 1 month for young people that face difficulties such as unemployment, school drop-out, poverty, social marginalization, etc, based on the olive tree.

12 young people became for 1 month citizens of this village, experienced the collection of olives, the production of olive oil, the creation of ceramics using traditional techniques, made soap out of olive oil, learned the traditional recipes of the Messinian country side, became friends with the villagers and found out the secrets of the region by the village elders! After many years, the school of the village opened its doors again to host Greek lessosn, workshops and the final photography exhibition prepared by the young participants.

Read their stories here: http://olivevsgroup.wixsite.com/olivevs

We would like to thank for their valuable support in the implemetation of this project, the Municipal Unit of Koroni and, especially, vice-mayor Mrs Pelagia Leftaki-Arvaniti, Mr Ioannis Dionisopoulos (Kiari business), Mr Takis Kiriakiakis for the workshop of ceramics, Mr Ilias Andrikakis for hosting us in his olive grove, Mr Dimitris Kosmopoulos for the wood oven, Mrs Asimina Galanopoulou for the soap making workshop and all the beautiful people of the village of Kompoi.

Τhis project was financed with support of the European Union. The present announcement reflects the views only of its author and the EU cannot be held responsible for the use of any information contained therein.