Stories by Participants from the Training Course: Action for Humanity in Skopje, N. Macedonia (Maria Kanava & Alexandra Latskou)

November 22, 2022

Stories by Participants: AcT!on for Humanity 

Training Course (2-12/10/2022) Skopje, N. Macedonia

By: Maria Kanava and Alexandra Latskou

In October we had the opportunity through the action for Humanity program to visit the region of Skopje in North Macedonia. We came into contact with several people from neighboring countries and realized how much we have in common, in music, food and culture.
As part of the program we came into contact with victims of trafficking, we managed to understand their psychology a little better and learn some ways so that we can help in case we come into contact with one of them! We saw specially designed spaces for asylum seekers and how they themselves shape their temporary lives.
Finally, we were informed about ways in which we ourselves can contribute to our social context and organize our own projects according to our needs!
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