Stories by Participants: Adapt for refugees (Konstantinos Lempesis)

April 07, 2022

Stories by Participants: Adapt for Refugees

Training Course (10-18/02/2022) Istanbul, Turkey

 by Konstantinos Lempesis

On the 10th of February we left with the rest of the Greek team for Istanbul for the Erasmus + KA1 training course: Adapt for Refugees which would last until the 18th of February. The project was based on the experiential learning methodology. We learned the difference in approaches between thinking and reflecting and experiencing / doing and how important it is for youth workers to be able to maintain a balance in the experiential learning cycle.

We then developed the theoretical framework that refugees face (Geneva Convention and the resulting rights). With team building methods, reflection groups and group collaboration we managed on the last day to create adapt tools.

The countries that participated in the training course were: Greece, Turkey as the host country, North Macedonia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Of particular interest was the intercultural evening, where we saw interesting facts about the culture of each country: Traditional foods, drinks and aspects of the history of countries help you realize that the things that unite you are more than what separates you from other people.



 – Konstantinos Lempesis