Stories by Participants: ESC Team Volunteering: Beware The Jabberwock (Katerina Bardaki)

March 23, 2022

Stories by Participants: Beware the Jabberwock

ESC Team Volunteering (30 Oct.- 5 Dec. 2021) Terrassa, Spain

by Katerina Bardaki


A few words about the experience I had are hard to say. More than a month in Terrassa, Spain with 9 (and not only) wonderful people to live beautifully and work creatively, was a great experience that I will remember in my life!

One of the most important points of the program was the expression of emotions through art. We touched and expressed ourselves through various art forms, some of which we were familiar with, while in others it was our first contact! We learned a lot from external workshops, as well as, we prepared our own, each one individually, but also as a group. My personal workshop was entitled “film your feelings”. The purpose was to videotape a choreography or a small play which, in combination with a song, represents “an emotion” for each individual. During the program, I noticed myself more than ever working creatively, optimistically and productively for many different tasks through the NFE (Non Formal Education) technique!

Another unique experience was the contact with the elderly. We visited two nursing homes and exchanged thoughts and opinions with very interesting people, succeeding in connecting different generations. In the end we presented one of our plays, a fact that touched them a lot but also so much us.

This trip was an exploration of different cultures and ideas, unforgettable moments with unique people …

The first step, for me, to live abroad was made, but at the same time to get to know volunteering!

Now I know that whatever goal I set I can achieve … I overcame my fear!



 – Katerina Bardaki