Stories by Participants from Eva Brengelman (EU Motion 2.0)

November 30, 2022

Stories by Participants: EU Motion 2.0

ESC long-term volunteering in Portugal

By: Evgenia Eva Brengelman

Also this month we participated in various activities.
We made an excursion in an outdoor area where we spent the day riding bicycles.
We also visited the horse stable of the republic national guard .
There the kids had the opportunity to get to know these extraordinary species and tried to ride a horse. We continued our day with a picnic in the countryside.
In addition we participated in educational activities .
More specifically, a psychologist organised an activity related to human emotions.
We asked children to tell us , if they were an emotion, which one would they be and why.
Afterwards we played a game where through sharate, drawing and creation of plasticine they had to describe an emotion. Through such activities the children learn to express their feelings and increase their emotional intelligence.
Another day we participated in a very special activity which aimed to sensitize kids and youngsters to people with special needs. The psychologist asked children to talk about a type of special need .
Afterwards, we went for a walk in an outdoor area and each one had to imagine how it would be to live with these special need. Then we had a conversation where everyone could share their thoughts and feelings.
Through these activity the children comprehend even further the problems these people face in their daily life.
It raised their awareness and made them understand that this is a matter that should make everyone concerned and that we  should put all our effort  so that these people are equal members of society.
Moreover, we often play games which broaden children’s imagination.
For example we distribute cards with pictures and they have to come up with an imaginary story or we play sharate where we act out animals.
Before Easter we played the Easter treasure hunt.
We hid chocolate eggs and by the help of hints or tricky stories the kids had to find them.
Whatsmore we often go to outdoor places where the children play traditional games.
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