Stories by Participants: European Art (Elisavet Boumpouli)

April 08, 2022

Stories by Participants: European Art

Youth Exchange (12/02/2022 – 20/02/2022) Magdeburg, Germany

 by Elisavet Boumpouli

We left from Greece to Germany on the 12th of February and returned on the 20th of February.

The days we spent in Germany and specifically in Magdeburg were beginning with energizers so that we get know each other and feel more comfortable since we were around new people from Italy, France, Germany and Czech Republic.

Afterwards, we were splitting in groups and participating in activities that talked about active youth participation in our local community and ways to become even more active.

In the afternoon, we had some artistic workshops such as stop motion which is a workshop about how to make a small video using only pictures, improvising theater in which we learned how to control our voice and also how to use our fantasy to make small stories, printing on reusable bags which is a workshop that showed us how to print our own drawings on bags and dance in which we obtained some dancing skills and learned some moves.

Of course, we had a city rally in Magdeburg so that we explore the city and it’s monuments. Also, we had a trip to Wernigerode a city one hour away from Magdeburg, where we visited a castle (Schloss Wernigerode) and also the museum Schiefes Haus.

Even though the program was full and we got tired I believe that everyone had fun and enjoyed it.





 – Elisavet Boumpouli