Stories by Participants: European Art (Maria Boumpouli)

April 08, 2022

Stories by Participants: European Art

Youth Exchange (12/02/2022 – 20/02/2022) Magdeburg, Germany

 by Maria Boumpouli

Our trip to Magdeburg was long as we left from Kalamata on 11th February and we had to spend an entire night in the airport as we had an early flight. It was the first time getting into a plane for me, Nick and Elena. So we were very excited, the voyage took a lot of hours and
at the end of the day we all were exhausted but it didn’t matter to us as we were looking forward for the week we had in Magdeburg.

When we finally got to Magdeburg we had an awesome week. Jelena, the leader of the program, was very nice to everyone and she made sure that all the “lessons” we did weren’t boring. She urged us to exchange views and ideas and through all our morning talks we learned a lot about our place as young people in the society and how we can fight up for our rights.

The program was a little bit exhausting but we could manage to both learn and to have fun. The workshops ware also very well prepared and the instructors helped us all even for the little things. We took four workshops.

The first one was a stop motion workshop where we learned how to make videos by taking multiple pictures and putting them one next to the other.

In the second one we learned how to express ourselves though dancing and Ori and Angela also taught us some moves.

In the third one we did impulsive theater which was really cool as we had to make up a character and introduce that character to the others. Paul was amazing at his job and the Greek team really liked him as he was a volunteer in Thessaloniki for six months and he loved Greek culture.

The last workshop was my favorite one. We printed in textile and to be more specific we printed in reusable bags. It was a very nice and calming in a way experience. We also went to a nearby town which was very beautiful and we had a lot of fun there.

Last but not least we met some wonderful people there and we made a lot of friendships, we had fun with them and overall I personally spoke to every single one of them and I believe that they are all wonderful people.



 – Maria Boumpouli