Stories by Participants from the Final Meeting: FINITE project in Bratislava, Slovakia (Maria Tsakiri)

September 27, 2022


Stories by Participants: FINITE Project

Final Meeting (17-22/08/2022) Bratislava, Slovakia

By: Maria Tsakiri

Recently, I took part in a youth exchange in Bratislava named FINITE, which dealt particularly with social insecurities. The main purpose of our gathering was to analyze them and dive deeper into their roots.

We were separated in small groups and each one reviewed one topic related to social insecurities. Specifically, those topics were about the climate change, mental health, employment and security.

Each group created a video and a newsletter in order to provide awareness about how every one of those matters could affect people’s lives in a possible and a less possible way. Additionally, there were introduced solutions, in order to overcome the issues every scenario could bring.

One more important feature of this project were the lectures we participated in, so we could become more familiar with social insecurities. Some of the personalities that provided us with useful information were Tomas Krissak and Michal Vasecka.

-Maria Tsakiri

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  • Biomedis
    July 26, 2023 at 5:31 pm

    What was the main focus of the youth exchange, and what was the purpose of the gathering?


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