Stories by Participants from the Final Meeting: FINITE project in Bratislava, Slovakia (Vivien Chorieti)

September 27, 2022

Stories by Participants: FINITE Project

Final Meeting (17-22/08/2022) Bratislava, Slovakia

By: Vivien Chorieti

In the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava 24 young people gathered to share our ideas and proposals in a duration of 5 days as well to make them real in a creative way.

Our week started by meeting the rest of the participants from the other countries and with a short presentation about the project and the following days. Later on, we had to be split in 4 mixed groups and build the best and the worst scenario in general and during these 2 years that we had the Covid all over the world. Our mission started ! We also had the opportunity during these days to have three visitors to tell us more and analyse for us more about these topics that were : Climate change, mental health, employment and security. We learned more about how can we become more digital active citizens and what  this mean and by watching a documentary the following days about the environment and the electronic waste of broken computers in Ghana and other countries too. We heard a girl that took part in the Conference on the Future of Europe and shared with us her experience and last two days we  watched the presentation of the sociologist Michal Vesecka that he later on watched our presentation and this is how our journey came to an end. With new people that we met, new ideas and good time !

-Vivien Chorieti






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