Stories by Participants from Ioanna Kolovou (Human Rights for Young Facilitators)

November 28, 2022

Stories by Participants: Human Rights for Young Facilitators

Training Course (23-30/10/2022) Magdeburg, Germany

By: Ioanna Kolovou

It was my first experience and contact with an Erasmus program. At first I was quite wary of how these types of programs work and worried about whether I would fit in with the people I would meet. Finally, all my worries were completely disproved! The organization that coordinated the trip as well as the organization that welcomed us in Magdeburg were completely cooperative and friendly.The most important part for me was the other participants in the program. The kids I met both from the Greek team and the kids from the other countries will be unforgettable to me! Thanks to them my experience became so beautiful and comfortable for me that I did it for the first time. It’s incredible how quickly you bond with people that in normal life would probably take much longer!

Finally, I was also very pleased with the organization’s facilities. The location of the hostel was incredible. We were in a beautiful park and from our room you could see the lake and the beautiful paths we used to walk on during breaks. But the city of Magdeburg itself was beautiful and picturesque!

Unforgettable experience and I will definitely be looking to take part in an awesome program again!

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