Stories by Participants: Infografia

July 06, 2022

Stories by Participants: Infografia 

Training course (27/6/-1/7/2022) Kalamata, Greece

By: Alekszandra Lengyel

A training course about young entrupeneurs and digital learning tools took place in Kalamata from the 27th of June to the first of July. This course is part of a big collaboration between the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Lithuania. We learnt about interactive teaching via games and videos and beside that, we gathered lots of information about how can we start our own businesses in different countries.

Now we have a knowledge what skills young entrepeneurs need, like creativity, positive mental attitude, good communication and motivation. And for this, all of the tools can get find in Infografia. This platform helps youngsters who want to start their own businesses, be independent employees. All of the information gathered in short videos, surveys and webquests. You just need your smartphone, because the website provides QR codes for these information.


We learnt how to make quizzes using Kahoot, which is an online tool for teachers, business owners or just regular persons to make surveys and quizzes, so the learning and answering questions is not so boring anymore. Everyone was surprised when we actually had fun while we made our quizzes and played with it. We used Powtoon to make fun slideshows and short videos for informative purposes. This tool is very useful comparing to for example PowerPoint, because we have more options when it comes to animation and making the presentations more colorful and fun.

I think this course was very useful for every participant. Now we know a lot more about businesses, teaching and learning tools, that are actually useful. I believe that in the future we’re gonna use all of them in the order, to grow in our professional life.


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