Stories by Participants: ESC Long-term Volunteering with La Vibria in Terrassa, Spain

June 16, 2022

ESC Long-term Volunteering with La Vibria in Terrassa, Spain


Article #1

Hello I am Anastasia! A 26 years old girl, from a beautiful Greek island called Rhodes! I am going to share with you my previous week’s experience as a volunteer living in Terrassa.

The previous week started dynamically as all of us were getting prepared for the international women’s day! Specifically, on Tuesday the 8th of March our Vibria team organised a gathering in order to create beautiful things for this day’s demonstration. We created some posters with meaningful messages! In the poster that I made, I wrote: NOS QUIEREN ENEMIGAS NOS TENDRAN HERMANAS! However, after I finished my creation, I realised that instead of “hermanas” I wrote “hernanas”. I laughed a lot, especially every time I was thinking about how many people took a photo of my poster! But the most important thing for me is that my intentions were more meaningful than my grammatical mistakes!On thursday we had the chance to visit a high school and talk about our volunteering experience! It was very interesting for me to talk to younger people about volunteering and the reasons that motivate me to be where I am now! Volunteering is such a valuable experience which, I believe, has made me a better human!

Moving on, I should also inform you about my gastronomic trip on Friday and Sunday. The first “stop” of my trip on friday included delicious spanish food that we shared with the team and some partners from other countries! I ate a lot of tortilla de patatas as well as croquetas!

Last but not least, was my second “stop” to the ‘Intercooltural meeting’ that the Vibrialab organised! The volunteers cooked and brought well known dishes from their countries and we had the chance to try a huge diversity of food. We also had a great time playing games and dancing. I am grateful for these moments and looking forward to the new ones!


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