Stories by Participants from Aggeliki Zotou (Youth Exchange: MUSIC)

November 30, 2022

Stories by Participants from the Youth Exchange: MUSIC

 (3-13/11/2022) Redondela, Spain

By: Aggeliki Filomena Zotou

My participation in this project was very much anticipated and exceeded my expectations to say the least.
I met some incredible people, and bonded with them almost immediately, as we all shared the same passion for music.
We shared music interests, talked about growing up in different countries and how our relationship with music has defined us as people. I was inspired by the talent and passion of all the people in this project.
Our coordinators helped us a lot with becoming a team, bonding and by the end of a project becoming one big family.
I also think that throughout this project I improved my communication skills and my English.
I became more comfortable with signing and performing in front of people a barely know.
I became more confident and started to really enjoy performing for the fun of it and not being focused on trying to be perfect.
I learned a lot about how it is to grow up and be a young adult in different countries of Europe, which in hindsight, really broadened my horizons and strengthened my identity as a European citizen.
In general, I left this project as a better person, with moments and experiences I will carry with me forever.
I surely want to participate in even more Erasmus+ projects and also initiate other people to participate as well!
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