Stories by Participants: Restart Sport Engine

June 16, 2022

Stories by Participants: Restart Sport Engine 

Youth Exchange (27-31/3/2022) Târgu Jiu, Romania

“Five days full of company, activity, intensity and smiles. Having covered a distance of about 1165 km and back again, from Athens to Târgu Jiu, having walked about 67 km, having met 18 wonderful people, I returned home full of priceless memories and strong emotions. Although short in duration, the program was very busy and well organized. The organizers from Scout Society were very friendly, willing and by our side in everything we needed. The program was interesting, with a variety of activities, among which the dating games stood out, the discussion about the conditions of the pandemic and sports in each country, the exchange of views, as well as the acquaintance with various sports. The stay was impeccable as the hotel was comfortable, warm and clean and the food was great and plentiful. The area was very beautiful and the sights quite a lot. However, what remained indelible are the wonderful participants from each country, each one individually and the wonderful chemistry that we developed even in such a short time. Evenings together, songs together, walking together, games together. Thank you, really, K.ANE. for the occasion and beautiful organization. Alexandra, Cyprian, Corina, Iulia, Inga, Ilona, ​​Liga, Davis, Velibor, Celie, Eunice, Tarek, Remi, Gabriela, Anastasia, Jason, Andreas, Thanasis, I hope our roads meet again “.

Kantzas Andreas


“My participation in the Restart Sport Engine program in Romania was one of the strongest experiences of my life. Five days full of beautiful activities organized either by the host organization or by us participating were enough for me to leave Romania with wonderful memories and wonderful friends from all over Europe. It was enough for me to return to Greece to have a strong feeling of nostalgia at the same time with an effortless smiling face, which proves that, everything that happened there… Success! I thank K.ANE. which gave me the opportunity to be part of the Greek mission in this program and with all my heart I wish and look forward to other similar opportunities to come “.



“This program was the first erasmus + program I have ever participated in and certainly after this unique experience I would like there to be other similar ones. Definitely what made my stay in Tirgu Ziu take off were all the people who were there. The diversity, the exchange of experiences and our coexistence and the moments we shared were the culmination of all this experience. We met the place together, we trained together, we laughed and it was all amazing. It was 4 full days that I would like to experience again “.



“It took me only 5 days to live the most unforgettable experience of my life. It was a beautiful trip to Targu-Jiu, Romania, during which I gained valuable knowledge and strong friendships that I hope will last forever.”



“My participation in the Targu-Jiu exchange was my first in an Erasmus + program and I can say that it left a great impression on me. Although it was only for three days it was enough to offer us unique experiences, unforgettable moments and beautiful friendships. The program coordinators were well organized and very friendly and helpful. They brought us in contact with some sports that most of us had not tried and filled each day with interesting activities. The hotel, which was warm and clean and had good food, clearly played a very important role. “If I had to single something out of the trip, it would definitely be the bonding with the other participants, both Greeks and foreigners, with whom we came very close in a short time.”

Andreas Kechagias


“My experience in Romania through Erasmus + and K.A.N.E was something I did not expect. I did not know what to expect, so I just thought I would go and show it. The days of activities were 3 however these 3 days were so full and pleasant that it seemed to me that I missed home much longer. The first day was mainly a date, where even that was fun, as we met through various games.

In the second phase of the day we first played some team games to relax and get in the mood and then we were given to talk about how the pandemic affected sports, where the Greek team happened to describe it through songwriting. On the one hand the whole process was very difficult, on the other hand it was an opportunity to get to know each other better the Greek team, as we did not have much contact until then, while we still had a lot of fun, especially when we sang it. Also, a coach came to talk to us about the achievements at the athletic level that the athletes of this prefecture had, at a global and national level.

Generally all the days of the program we had some free time for food and not only, so during this time we met and became very good company with the other participants of the program. So, taking walks, talking to everyone all this time, playing a new difference for many team games we bonded and made the program even more exciting.

On the second day the program had a game of bowling and billiards, and then we learned the basic movements in karate from a professional teacher in the area. Then we had a debate on the topic “Whether trans women are allowed to participate in the cis woman group”. So, without being asked what our real opinion is we were randomly divided into two groups where three of us had to support through dialogue one by one the “point of view” of the group, with one group being against and the other agreeing to participate. their.

On the third day they had planned to do 1 hour of zumba, which was exhausting but at the same time very fun, while in the afternoon we had with one of the organizers a tour of the sights of the city, where he explained to us some historical information and at the same time discussed theme. Finally, the program was completed when we went to see the football and track stadium where some of us did it around.

But beyond the program, the days were unforgettable because of the company we made, even just talking was enjoyable and we got to know each other even better. Also, all these days apart from the group games we played where they were mainly games to improve our reaction kinetically, ie our reflexes, we also did those who wanted more exercise and on the last day we played a lot of ball games, while we finally finished with a dance for the birthday of a French participant. So, in short, this trip was an unforgettable experience, I will not choose something specific that I liked, because I think that everything played a role, the country, the program and the participants, making friends in just 3 days, like when we were children…”

Gabriela Culbida

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