Stories by Participants from Dimitris Georgiou (Stop Smoking, Start Storytelling)

November 28, 2022

Stories by Participants: Stop Smoking, Start Storytelling

Youth Exchange (18-27/08/2022) Kaunas, Lithuania

By: Dimitris Georgiou

Participating in the erasmus+ project ‘ Stop Smoking – Start Storytelling’ was an amazing life experience!. It was not my first mobility program, but it exceeded by far every expectation I had.

The workshops were very interactive as we communicated with the other participants through teams and we together tried to find a solution to any problem.

Furthermore , in this project I liked the fact that I met people from all over Europe with different cultures (foods, dances, ideas and more) and I had the time to discuss with them and learn from each other. Also ,we created so many experiences together that brought us closer and we will never forget.
Personally one of my favorite outcomes of the project was the friendships we established with the fellow participants and for that I am really grateful.

Special thanks to K.A.NE. for this opportunity and I hope I will have the chance to repeat it!!
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