Stories by Participants from the Youth Exchange: Together for SDGs in Oeiras, Portugal (Dimitrios Theologidis)

August 19, 2022

Stories by Participants:Together for SDGs

Youth Exchange (01-14/07/2022) Oeiras, Portugal

By: Dimitrios Theologidis


During the first two weeks of July 2022, I had the chance to participate in a very interesting youth exchange, supported by the Erasmus+ mobility program, called “Together for SDGs” in Portugal.


Through this project, all the participants had the chance to learn more about the 17 sustainable development goals, emphasizing more in environmental protection and recycling.


What I loved the most about this youth exchange was the fact that every day we had a variety of outdoor activities in different locations. For sure, I would consider as a highlight of this journey our educational trip to Lisbon and the photo marathon we had in Sintra.


Among others, we visited some museums and archaeological sites, an Eco Park, the beach and a forest, doing many activities, such as treasure hunting, swimming and playing sports.


Last, but not least, we participated in many important events, such as a coast cleaning day, we volunteered in a dog shelter and organized a philanthropic cultural festival for the local community in Oeiras, a suburban area of Lisbon.


At the end of this project, I felt more experienced as a youth worker, more active as a citizen and more fulfilled as a person. I wish that everyone felt like they became the change they wanted to see in the world.


-Dimitris Theologidis


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