Stories by Participants from the Youth Exchange: Together for SDGs in Oeiras, Portugal (Ioannis Atlazis)

August 19, 2022

Stories by Participants:Together for SDGs

Youth Exchange (01-14/07/2022) Oeiras, Portugal

By: Ioannis Atlazis

An unforgettable experience in Portugal!


I am really lucky and grateful that I have taken part in this project in Oeiras in July 2022.


Maybe we didn’t have the best start as our flights had lots of issues and took some extra time for us to arrive but when I stepped into Casa Europa, any previous bad feeling was gone. The people in this project made it really special for me from the first minute, they always had a positive vibe that helped create a safe space for all of us. Casa Europa was an open space for all ideas and for all the people.


The organization, Proatlantico, really went above and beyond for this project. They have organized many outdoor activities for us in order to enjoy Portugal (and the hot summer weather) and learn new things about the Sustainable Development Goals. From our treasure hunt in Sintra, to the preparation of national foods and dances for people to try in Oeiras and to also going to the beach with young kids to help them out with activities while they are enjoying their summer school in Lisbon. We had our fun Portuguese classes, our national nights when we were eating a lot of food, trying national foods and listening and dancing to good music. We also had our more “normal” workshops where we talked about everything, exchanged our ideas and broadened our horizons.


This is truly a remarkable experience for me that I am not able to put into words. Just imagine an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange with beautiful and amazing people around Europe in Portugal during summer and next to the ocean.


For everyone making this project a reality and so special, from the sending and hosting organizations to all the participants,



-Ioannis Atlazis

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