Stories by Participants: Training Course: Digi-Tools 20 in Prilep, North Macedonia (By Konstantinos Lempesis)

August 19, 2022

Stories by Participants: Digi-Tools 20

Training Course (13-18/06/2022) Prilep, North Macedonia

By: Konstantinos Lempesis


Recently, I took part in a Training Course on digital tools for youth workers in Prilep, North Macedonia. (13 – 18 June 2022). The central purpose of the training program was to get the participants in touch with educational platforms and digital tools and to learn how to organize an entirely online conference. The program was quite interesting because in the era of the pandemic and the digital transition, online platforms are increasingly being used to conduct a seminar or a course.

The countries that took part were: Greece, North Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia and Poland. Each country had two participants. In the first two days the focus was on how to organize an online workshop. Mobility and the opportunities presented by Erasmus + were also discused, and in the evening of the first day, an intercultural night was held, where each country presented brief facts about its culture through a quiz. We also came into contact with the music and dances of each country, as well as with local foods and drinks.


Towards the end of the program, after the participants were divided into small working groups (mixed nationalities), they presented their own seminar on an online platform, that is, how they would organize a conference with digital tools. On the last day, the organization distributed youth passes to the participants. Thanks to the KANE Youth team I had this experience, improved my digital skills and got in touch with people from all over Europe. It is educational in coming into contact with people from other cultures, improving your English and gaining cultural awareness which is an important interpersonal skill.


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