Stories by Participants from the Training Course:Understanding Migration in Oeiras, Portugal (Alkmini Vrachopoulou)

September 30, 2022

Stories by Participants: Understanding Migration

Training Course (1-11/09/2022) Oeiras, Portugal

By: Alkmini Vrachopoulou

There are no right words to fully describe my experience from the Erasmus+project.

You feel and think like a totally different person afterwards. But I will start from the beginning. So, once I arrived at the venue and met the rest of the participants, I already knew that this is going to change my life. I met incredible people who taught me and showed me different aspects of myself and I was lucky enough to create bonds with some of them.

I believe the best part of each project is always the people. But also, the project and the material were great. I learnt many new things and skills about the topic that could really help me in the future. It’s remarkable how many things you can learn from just chatting with people from other countries. It’s like meeting a new reality.

The place we were staying was perfect and I think we all felt like home. You could literally see the Atlantic from our rooms with the amazing sunsets every day.

The people from the hosting organization were very nice and they made us feel comfortable. You could clearly see the effort they put in order to make this project and our time there pleasant.

The last day was very emotional. We had to say goodbye knowing that probably with most of the people we will never meet again. It’s crazy how much you bond with people in these projects even if you are together for only one week. After my participation in this project, I want to keep participating in as many projects as I can. I am grateful for this experience and I think it’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

– Alkmini Vrachopoulou

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