Stories by Participants from the Training Course:Understanding Migration in Oeiras, Portugal (Konstantinos Lempesis)

September 28, 2022


Stories by Participants: Understanding Migration

Training Course (1-11/09/2022) Oeiras, Portugal

By: Konstantinos Lempesis

This project, which took place in the Oeiras area in Lisbon between September 1st and 11th, had as its theme “Understandind Migration”, i.e. for youth workers to understand the vulnerability and difficulty that immigrants face in their daily lives. These difficulties are multidimensional, economic, social, stigma, marginalization, social exclusion. The teaching method chosen was non formal education.

The countries that took part in the program were: Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and Turkey. The first 4 days of the program included the training of the youth workers by 2 trainers, Marco and Helena. The next 4 days focused on how the youth workers will prepare and successfully run their own workshop, building on the techniques taught in the previous days. The project succeeded in raising awareness among youth workers about issues concerning immigrants and helped them to learn how to conduct a workshop.

It also succeeded in raising cultural awareness as the youth workers came from different cultural backgrounds. Finally, a lecture was held regarding the Erasmus + program, the possibilities it offers to young men and women for mobility, education and sports, and the importance of youthpass certificates was analyzed.

-Konstantinos Lempesis

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