Stories by Participants from the Training Course: Understanding Migration in Oeiras, Portugal (Sofia Theodoridou)

September 30, 2022

Stories by Participants: Understanding Migration

Training Course (1-11/09/2022) Oeiras, Portugal

By: Sofia Theodoridou

Our trip started on the 1st of September and lasted for 10 days. These days seemed to me like a month because…

Each day was so special and full of activities. But there were few things that were established throughout the days of the program. We were starting at 9.30 with a letter to ourselves and finishing the day with the reflection meeting, where we were gathering in small groups and were sharing our thoughts about the day. In between we had the energizers helping us to actively start the day and to know each other better, and of course activities that entertained us and taught us about the topic of the program. I was impressed by how much knowledge the people had about migration, the points of view we exchanged and the information I absorbed.

I came back with a heart, mind and stomach full of food, memories, acquaintances, pictures, stories, knowledge, and I am grateful for all the people I met who made this trip unforgettable.

I hope that over time more and more people will participate in this type of Erasmus+ program because it really is a life experience.

 – Sofia Theodoridou

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