My ESC Experience (Vira Rudzevych)

April 01, 2021

My ESC Experience (By Vira Rudzevych)



180 days of  sea

180 days of mountains

180 days of fragrant coffee

180 days of smiles

180 of  fresh air


If I live 80 years (29,219.4 days), I could say with certainty that 180 days in Greece were one of the hardest and most beautiful days of my life.

It was a “summer school”, the kind of school were you have an exam every day and you get the result the same day.

I found myself in Greece. 

If there is love, it has germinated  in me.  Every sunrise, every sunset, every hill, every tree, every wave – from this my heart began to beat again, and a great warmth unknown to me before grew in my chest.

Greece taught me to enjoy life, showed that stress – unfortunately, does not bring anything good, so you should relax (morally) and confidently step towards your goals.

Greece washed my body with salt water of the Ionian Sea and cleansed my thoughts with mountain air.

Greece showed me its beauty, introduced me to the gifts of nature, smiled with the smiles of all the gentlemen and the young lady on my way and warmed me with warm sunshine.

You will stay in my heart forever

I am infinitely grateful for everything

With love your Vira 



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wrote this letter after buying tickets to return to Poland, because only at that moment did I really understand how interesting my volunteering in Kalamata was.

In K.A.NE.  I worked as a specialist in social media, I was engaged in the strategy of development of the organization in the network.  My job was like this – from 9:00 to 15:00. I worked in the office, after which I walked on the main street Navarino, which immediately offers a view of the Taygetos Mountains and the Ionian Sea.  I bought the most delicious coffee in town and while walking I learned to enjoy life, as all Greeks do, drink a black drink and admire the sunset.

Winter in Greece is a separate magic.  When it is snowing and cold in Poland, it is sunny in Kalamata and you can swim in the sea.

Unfortunately, my volunteer fell on Lock Down, and the restriction are active since  6.11.2020.

However, I managed to visit many interesting cities in October:

– Limeni, Aeropoli, Koroni, Methoni, Pylos, waterfull Poliminio, Romanos, Voidokilia beach, Kato vergo, Ano vergo, Kardamyli, Altomira, Lefktro, Sminis, Charavgi.

If you are reading this article, and you are also planning your volunteering in Kalamata, then I will say so – it will be a truly incredible experience.



Therefore Kalamata

In short – this is a picturesque city in the region of Messinia, the Peloponesian Peninsula.

It unfolded between the Taygetos Mountains over the Gulf of Messina.  Kalamata is the capital of olives, so I definitely recommend going to the local market on Saturday morning, where you can buy the best olive oil and olives in your life from the locals.  Seafood, super fresh fruits and vegetables are what you will also find in Kalamata.

Don’t forget to buy fresh bread at the local bakery and head to the port opposite the K.A.NE office.  Vista Marina, there in the water you will see fish that are happy to wait for you to feed them (well, of course, seagulls will come to this lunch and cats will come, so take more food with you).



My advice

Relaxation and meditation are synonymous with Kalamata. Rest more, walk more, go for a walk in the mountains, try more coffee, traditional food (Greek sweets are love), travel more, rent a car and go to neighboring towns and villages, visit castles, monasteries, breathe fresh air, more  smile and get acquainted with Greek culture, swim, sunbathe, jump from a paraglider, feed animals on the street, sniff flowers, take photos, shoot videos, LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD.


P.S. Greece is such a beautiful place you need have more memory in your phone =)