"European Bricks and Pieces" youth exchange in Croatia

01 Οκτωβρίου, 2018

“European Bricks and Pieces” was a youth exchange organized by Europski dom Slavonski Brod, that took place from from the 1st till the 8th of September 2018 in Zadar, Croatia. The exchange has gathered 42 young people from Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Six young people from Greece had the chance to explore their European Identity by analyzing universal wisdom, stories, and legends used in their everyday life and the role of the common heritage and values in the context of European citizenship.

The youth exchange has facilitated to the youngsters a more approachable attitude towards the European Identity, which can be often confusing. Some of them are afraid that by accepting it, they will lose their national identities. Therefore, during their stay in Zadar, the youngsters have learned that the European Identity has a specific structure; each brick and piece of the structure is unique, has its’ own story and value but a common history, heritage, languages is what brings all these small pieces into one big, beautiful structure of what today represents Europe.

The project used youth’s curiosity as a platform to deal in a fun, youth-friendly, creative and innovative way with the concept of European Identity.