Say NO! youth exchange in Czech Republic

15 Νοεμβρίου, 2018
Between 21st and 29th of August, K.A.NE. took part by sending 4 participants aged 13 to 16 and a group leader in the “Say NO!” youth exchange that was organized by Brno For You.

The participants from 5 countries (Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Poland) have gathered together in Vrchlabí, Czech Republic to learn more about the risks associated with alcohol, tobacco smoking, and addiction with virtual drugs.

An online campaign was created in order to raise awareness about the topic.

Along raising awareness, the youth exchange aimed to:

– create a place for participants where they can share;

– create a place where they can share their opinion and make new friendships;

– create a place where they can improve their language skills;

– teach participants how to create the campaign and how to be the active citizen in our society;

– guide the youngster to be above the influences.

Have a glimpse on the project here: